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Feng Shui for the Mind… What subconscious clutter is holding you back?


During the call you are guided through 3 powerful healing processes:

 1. Do you have a Gatekeeper or Ancestor’s energy holding you back?  Allow your body and being to release the
Gatekeeper into the Violet Blue Flame!  Bring them whatever they need for healing, so that they
and you can move forward with more ease and grace.

2.  KA Body healing for the Family/Ancestor Gua – Allow the tones of sound to resonate through the
elements to transform your being.

3. A Chanting blessing to open your Heart. Chant of the Heart Sutra to assist you in letting go of
what no longer serves.  The guides then install a Heart Shield to allow you to feel safe in allowing
your heart center to stay open and guide you along your path.


Curious about Feng Shui?  Have you made some changes (cures) to your
space but nothing monumental has shifted? 

 Have you tried many well know solutions to your space and life and still…
nothing is truly working?

Many of us know the importance of clearing clutter from our home,
office, garage… space.
Over time we need to check back in with our space.
The same is true for our minds and heart. 

What clutter may have accumulated in the mind?
Or what are you still holding onto from your Ancestors?
Past lives?  your SOUL’s experience?

Have the elements of Wind and Water (Feng Shui) let you down?

What if, what is holding you back is subconscious clutter?
Are you ready to discover a new way of clearing the clutter from your
mind, body and heart?

DaKara will share with us some practical Feng Shui wisdom as well as a
new way of working
with the energies to clear and  transform your life!

 In this free call you will learn some basics about Feng Shui and…


  • How can you be in your full power within a room?
  • How are the energies of our mind clutter holding us back and what to do about it?
  • Relinquish energies by working with the Feng Shui elements.
  • Clear the mind clutter, change your life!
  • Are Gatekeepers are blocking your flow?
  • Feng Shui Holograms

Learn how the energies of the 9 Stars of the Bagua
can help you transform what is holding you back!

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