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Feng Shui Mind Telecourse

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in YOUR life?

Discover how to bring your mind and heart into balance.

Using the principles of Feng Shui to assist you in clearing the inner mental
and cellular clutter so that you can live your life to the fullest.

What energies of your past lives or ancestors is keeping you true good from flowing in life?

Have you applied Feng Shui to your home or office space
and not seen the results you where looking for?

Feng Shui is a powerful ancient modality, working with the elements of wind and water
that brings harmony and balance when applied correctly to your space, body and life.

So why have the ‘cures’ you have placed not made the difference you seek?

What I have found in the many years of being an Energy Healer
and Feng Shui Consultant is that until you shift the energy on the
inside – the outer will not make huge leaps forward.  For instance,
you have a past life or a Gatekeeper from a past life

that believes that you taking that next step in your career or getting
that new contract (or what ever the ‘it’ is) will bring you harm in
some way….  even if it is simply that you have failed at it in the
past and the Gatekeeper doesn’t want you to “feel” that pain and
sorrow again.  Perhaps you where killed in a past life for making
a similar choice.  It’s not your fault!

Now you have an opportunity to make these inner shifts.

Item #1 9 hours

Value $567.00

Learn fundamental ancient wisdom of Black Hat Feng Shui (Westernize)

Sacred wisdom will be shared as well as modern information
to shift you from the inside!

We will travel through the Bagua (map of life’s stations)
in a sacred way called ‘tracing the nine stars”.
Divine transmissions, holograms and activations for
each Gua will be offered as we journey through the Bagua.

Tracing the nine stars is a healing, clearing and blessing all in
its own.  Each ‘Gua’ has qualities and properties unto itself.
This wisdom will be shared as well as how to make shifts to your
office or space that will enhance the flow of energy in your life,
body and space,
creating well being, clarity, direction and better health.
When we are clear and have
our energy flowing not only in our minds,
hearts and space we then attract good
into our lives in a whole new way!

We install for each Gua the  Feng Shui
Mind Bagua Hologram and anchor it
into the grid for healing, clearing and balance.
A symphony
of energy is created as we trace
the 9 stars, anchored for your continual
use to enhance your life!

KA Body healings for each Bagua Star – Allowing
the elements, aspects and energies to bless
and healing your being from the inside out!

Are you looking for a better job… or a job?  Activate the Career Life Journey Gua
Looking for Love?  Activate, bless and heal the Relationship Gua.

Magical healings, activations, energy transmissions and clearing
meditations will be shared for each gua/area of your life.

Bringing you and your space into alignment so that you
can attract your hearts desire!

Access each weeks PDF eBook. Handouts with
details and additional information for each of
the Gua’s and fun ways to integrate
Feng Shui into your life!


 Share from a attendee after the first class:

Hello Dakara,
What a fabulous presentation tonight! I feel blessed our paths have crossed.

After tonight’s class (class one) I have already moved 2 rooms of furniture around and packed up
over 40 excess family pictures. I feel lighter and freer and more in control. My husband loves the change
and our 3 cats are lounging in the living room that got the change and won’t leave! So I bless you so dearly
for being in my life at the exact right time! I felt very shifted by the gatekeeper meditation and I have to say
that she is a very determined one! She would not step totally aside in the wealth area. The belief gatekeeper
for me is that the man must earn the money to support the family and when the woman steps out of the
home to earn money something bad happens and it is her fault because she wasn’t there to handle it.
(With kids, house repairs, relatives in the hospital, new babies) That belief has been hauntingly true
throughout my 63 years. My colors were yellow and pink and I don’t really like yellow!. I will listen to
the recording three more times if I have to to get the belief gatekeeper to budge some more. With love
I remember my beautiful mother who after college bolted to Florida from Pennsylvania to flee her Amish
upbringing. Many heavy beliefs sit in my being that I really can’t relate to and don’t want there but they
wouldn’t even think of leaving until now!
They budged, they moved an inch and I can’t wait to lovingly obliterate them! I love and
appreciate you for this awareness and I gratefully look forward to the next call.

With gratitude and blessings,
Maggie Geiger
Hollywood, FL

Feng Shui Mind eBook

Value $19.95

Discover more information with the Feng Shui Mind Primer

This PDF eBook will include the Bagua Map. You can print and use in your home,
office, and many other ways that will be shared during class.

Basics to the flow of energy (Chi) and much much more!

Feng Shui Mind Bagua Healing Meditations

Value $99.00

Guided meditations and energy clearings to support each life station.
Bringing you to a place of expansion and greater clarity.
Assisting you in raising your vibrational field and move into
deeper alignment with yourself, your space, your life!

Be guided into the energy of each Gua.

1.  What information or blessing does your Ancestor
have to share with you?

Length 9:03 Min.

9 Star Wealth

2. Step into the energy of Wealth and wash away the old.
Gather gold coins from the pond and integrate them into your field.
Length 10:30 Min.

9 Star Health

3. Meet your healing Medicine Man/Woman/Shaman
to receive a healing.

Length 10:32 Min.

9 Star Travel/Helpful people

4. Journey to meet your helpful people and travel to your
favorite place on the planet.

Length 8:03 Min.

9 Star Children/Creativity

5. Work with your inner child – enter the Crystal Palace
to clear trauma and hurts.

Length 8:13 Min.

9 Star Knowledge

6. Journey to the top of the Mountain to receive a download of energy and
information from Source, that is just for YOU!
Length 8:56 Min.

9 Star Fame

7. Step into the transformational flame to recreate YOU!
Clear thought forms, entities and mind chatter.
Fly with Phoenix and rebirth yourself!
Length 7:41 Min.

9 Star Career/Life Journey

8. Journey to the bottom of Mother Ocean with the assistance of Dolphin.
Enter the crystal cave to reclaim the parts of yourself that have been lost.
Integrate and active your DNA.
Length 11:30 Min.

9 Star Relationship

9. Greet your soul mate or connect on a deeper level within your relationship.
Release what no longer serves the relationship in the sand. Receive a gift
of a Rose Quartz Heart to bond you to your beloved.
Length 10:03 Min.

See what others are sharing below on the magic of the 9 Star Bagua Meditations!


Bonus Chants

Heart Sutra

Heart Sutra Chant
Length 1:36 Min.

Open Heart Sutra

Al-Fattah, Heart Sutra & Heart Shield Installation
Length 3:29 Min.

Siz True Words

Six True Words Chant
Length .49 Min.



Total Value of this course is $685.95

Sign up today for only $297.00

56% savings!

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What others are sharing about the Feng Shui Mind
Bagua 9 Star Meditations

These meditations by DaKara are amazing.  They are short but sweet and full
of gems and treasures. Along with her beautiful voice, (easy listening) she takes
you on journeys that help heal your body mind and soul toward greatness. They
have put me back on track and helped me reconnect to source. I feel renewed and
refreshed with a positive spin. I have deepened  my relationship with my higher
self and the beings that help me in my day to day life. Thank you DaKara for
making my life more enjoyable. I know great things are about to happen, I can FEEL it!
Bev Bryant
Tarot Reader


What a wonderful time of releasing~! Feng Shui for the Mind–9 Star Bagua
Meditations… is a guided meditation that was very useful for me to let go of
thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that no longer serve me~!

Dakara, has a beautiful way of guiding us though grounding, into Sacred Space; allowing
the flow of Healing to come forth. With grace; and a beautiful tone in her voice for Healing,
the visions come to life and we are transported to Sacred Space, with Honor and Gratitude~!
After journaling my experiences through the Bagua, along with… reviewing, reflecting, and
releasing… I felt a new energy of expansion and more deeply aligned within my Soul
and Spirit; to go forward with Energy and Support of Self, Guides and Masters, to a
Higher Space of Acceptance for Experiences and Healing~!

Today, is Brighter, and my Thoughts more Positive, after participating in these Meditations.
Thank you Dakara, for the opportunity of  this Tool of Healing and Growth, with me~!
Here’s to a Joy-filled day, for you, with many Blessings,


Dear Dakara,
I am so grateful for your creation of the Feng Shui Mind 9 Star Bagua Meditations.
This work is powerful.  I felt incredibly nourished and supported in ways that deepened
with every meditation.  I was able to release at least one very old family pattern, step
into abundance, view a challenging situation with a more clear and grounded
perspective and so much more.  Thank you for offering these amazing meditations.
Stacey Witt
A Moment of Grace


DaKara’s Bagua meditations are rich and full of healing magic. On the first
meditation I met my Great Grandmothers Soul (Native American).  She apologized
for NOT  breaking the chain of abuse and not standing in her power. She shared we
come from a long line of Shamans, to be proud of my heritage and share my gifts with
the world.  I fell so much more confident  and stronger in my gifts after listening.
I am grateful to have a deeper connection with her now.

Kam Myers


DaKara, I love your guided visualizations! Wow… the images
come through very vividly the way you describe them.
The visuals are stunning and transformative, especially the
gorgeous crystal table. You have such a unique gift as a healing guide.
I will be listening to these over and over. Thanks for sharing your profound
work with me! It is an honor and a gift.

 Jean Swann
The Wisdom Show